Disposable Surgical Mask (non-sterile)


The disposable surgical mask (non-sterile) model is WK01, in the form of flat ear hanging, product specifications are 175 mmx95 mm, consisting of mask body, mask belt, nose clip, WK01 mask body is made of three layers of non-woven fabric, in which the outer and inner layers are non-woven, and the middle layer is made of melt-blown cloth. Medical surgical masks are non-sterile disposable use products.

Common Applications
Applicable to disposable masks worn by clinical medical personnel during invasive operations, etc..
The product should be stored in a dry room with excellent ventilation and without caustic gases. The relative humidity of the room must be less than 80%. The product should be avoided squeezing, abrasion and impacting.


Model # Description Qty. per box Qty. per Carton
WK01 3 Layers,175*95mm 50 PC 2500 PCS

Test report

《TUV》、《Nelson 》、《YY0469-2011》

《CE》EN 14683