Disposable medical protective clothing (non-sterile)

Medical protective clothing is divided into six specifications according to shape and structure, and the structure is integrated. Occupational protective clothing for medical personnel in medical institutions. To prevent the virus from spreading to the medical staff through the air or liquid in the patient's body and provide barrier protection.

The product is made of two-layer composite material by cutting and sewing. The two-layer composite materials are respectively polyethylene membrane waterproof and breathable layer and non-woven fabric substrate. The front, cuffs, ankles and waist of the hat are made of rubber or rib fabric, and the front of the body is equipped with a closed tail self-locking zipper.


Model # Description Qty. per Bag Qty. per Carton
LB01-165 S 1 PC 30 PCS
LB01-175 M 1 PC 30 PCS
LB01-185 L 1 PC 30 PCS

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